Dear all our friends,

Song-Liao Battle Field – one of the most anticipated feature of 69 Dragon. With a chess table as Battle Field, together with murky fire smoke scene bring to all of us a gloomy, deadly atmosphere on the Battle Field

The Song-Liao Battle Field is the war between two dynasties Song and Liao. To join in the Battle Field, you have to register at NPC Ran Chou – Phoenix Town (158, 45), and wait for the battle to start, then you will randomly set into one of two sides.

During the Battle Field, you have to kill monsters, bosses, and other enemy players to earn the battle storage point.
69 Dragon want to introduce to all of you the details of the Battle Field:

- Condition:
+ Map: Song-Liao Battle Field
+ Event time: 45 mins (from 17:00 – 17:45 – Server Time every Sunday, and one more day – will be planned soon)
+ Register time: 30 mins
+ Min level: 80
+ Min registered players: 10
+ Limit character per PC: 1

- Game play:
+ Monsters are created at 3 ways of each side, level of monsters and bosses are increased for every tower-tier that enemy lost (such as for all the tier 3 tower, monsters), details:
Every minute: 3 Soldiers, 2 Elites, 1 Leader (lifetime 5 mins), move toward enemy side and will fight with enemies they meet.
Every 5 minute: 1 War Machine (lifetime 5 mins), move toward enemy side and will fight with enemies they meet.
Every 15 minute: 1 Minister (lifetime 15 mins), stay at 3 ways tower-tier 3 of each side.
Marshal appears after 15 mins, stay at the main high ground of each side.

- Protect Marshal:
After Marshal appears, players who stand near by Marshal for each 10s will receive 5 Battle Storage Points.

- Point gain when kill monsters/bosses:

- Point gain/lost when be killed by enemy corresponding with title:

Some guide-images about the Song-Liao Battle Field:

Come to Phoenix TownRan Chou (158, 45) to register.

Next, select “Register for the battle”.
Beware because you can only be able to enter the Battle Field one character/PC so choose your main character to register, all other characters can not enter!

Then wait for the system to the event time (remember to be at Phoenix Town before the event start).

Event time – 45 mins

Song-Liao Battle Field Scoreboard

Liao Soldier and Protect Marshal

After event ends, come back to Phoenix Town - NPC Ran Chou then select “Take award of Previous Battle”.

Battle Rank to Song-Liao point:

Song-Liao dynamic title:

Will be updated soon.

List of Song-Liao equip:
Use your Song-Liao point to exchange the equip at NPC Ran Chou:
- Immortal Set: 500 Song-Liao points each.
- Legendary Set: 1500 Song-Liao points each.

Song-Liao Card:
Can be used to increase your Song-Liao point (limit 4 times per day), be sold at Token Shop.

Wish you have best time with this new Song-Liao Battle Field!
Best regards,
69 Dragon