Dragon69 would like to announce some things players need to NOTE, to avoid the occurrence of unfortunate cases:

1.     At event time-frame, the NPC appears, players need to escort him. After every 5 minutes the NPC stops for 10 seconds, the players standing next to him are added 10 points each time, like the image below.

2.     One character only can take part in the event once per day.

When a character receives points from the NPC, that character is counted as once per day, and will no longer be able to participate in the next time-frame of the same day. So, that character only can continue to participate on the next day.

3.     Characters joining twice a day will not be able to get points for the second participation like the following image:

4.     After the event, Dragon69 would like to invite you to meet Doctor69 NPC at Phoenix Town map (218, 116) to exchange for Vip69 equipment.


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