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Heroic Seal is one of the new equip which has the highest stats until now (when max Lv.) of 69 Dragon, can be say that it’s as valuable as Ardors. Heroic Seal reaches maximum growth level 100, beside increases element attack, neglect, it also has the passive effects that help you to remove bad status during the battle for every second.

Heroic Seal is the gift to honor all your achievement in the Kung-Fu World. Npc Mr. Zhao at Phoenix town (204,132) can help you to get a Heroic Seal.

Require 100 Heroic Seal Point to exchange for a Heroic Seal, you can choose which element it will be to suitable for yourself. Heroic Seal has 4 elements: Ice, Fire, Thunder, Poison, this point can only be earned by using item Honor Card.


After picking a Heroic Seal you have to increase its power, below is the steps for you to increase your Heroic Seal’s power.
Increase the growth level:
- To level up growth level of Heroic Seal, you need to collect a corresponding number of Heroic Achievement, after that, do the following:


- The higher growth level your Heroic Seal has, the higher number of passive effects you can study.
Refine and change Heroic Seal into another element:
- You need to have corresponding number of Dragon Fountain Water to refine your Heroic Seal
- Do the following:

- Please take note that you have to take out all gems from your Heroic Seal before progressing, beside you can keep Super Power and Sculpture.
Star up Heroic Seal:
- There are total 8 Star Levels of Heroic Seal (Lv. 1 to Lv. 8).
- To increase the Star Level of Heroic Seal, you need to have corresponding number of Dragon Fountain Water. The higher Star Level your Heroic Seal has, the higher amount of materials need to be used.

Study and Level up Passive effects of Heroic Seal:
Heroic Seal has 7 passive effects which help you by remove the corresponding bad status on your self for every second: Silent, Sealed, Immobile, Blind, Paralyze, Incapacitate, Sleep.
- To study and level up passive effects of Heroic Seal, you need to have corresponding amount of Heroic Seal Point (mentioned upper) by using itemHonor Card.
- When you have enough Heroic Seal Point and also, your Heroic Seal reaches corresponding growth level, you can study new passive effect. The higher growth level your Heroic seal has, the higher Heroic Seal Point you need to collect by using Honor Card.

Reset all passive effects and turn it back into Heroic Seal Point:
- When you want to change the passive effect of your Heroic Seal but do not have enough Heroic Seal Point, you can choose Reset all passive effects of Heroic Seal and turn it back into Heroic Seal Point.

Finally, with Heroic Seal your power will be increased as much. To be better in combat for now, all according to the plan.
Why are you waiting for, to own a Heroic Seal, you have to enter the Emperor Arena (will be updated soon) to kill the Big-Foot to be able to get the materials that need.

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