As promised, 69 Dragon is now introducing to all of you the Remake version of Emperor Alliance Arena, an arena that allows all alliances to fight with each other and with a very tanky boss and take the treasures as awards.

Event time: At 23:00 (Server time), everyday.
Location: Through NPC Mr. Handsome at Phoenix Town (125, 172), enter the Emperor Alliance Arena.

Rule: Players can invite members of your alliances to join in the event together. You need to kill enemy players who are not in your alliances, together with killing boss - Emperor BigFoot.

Emperor BigFoot: Super tanky, for each 20% HP lost, the boss will drop the Emperor Treasure in some location on the map (screenshot below).

Emperor Treasure: You have to open it manually (take 5 sec). Please take note that Treasures only exists for 10 sec, during the opening progress, if you get hit, the progress will be discontinued.

Emperor Treasure:
- Dragon Fountain Water
- Heroic Achievement
- Honor Card
- Dragon Tatto
- Matra Blood Stone
- Perfect Refresh Soul Stone
- Pneuma Stone (Lv. 1)
- Artifact Spell (Lv. 3)
- Voodoo Sea Liquid Bottle Lv. 2
- Yuan Lin Herb
- Skill 86 (Lv. 2, Lv. 3)

Emperor BigFoot:
- Dragon Fountain Water (Unbound - 100%)
- Heroic Achievement (Unbound - 100%)
- Honor Card (Unbound - 100%)
- Blue Heaven Flour (Unbound - 100%)
- Pneuma Stone - Level 2 (Unbound - 100%)

After be killed, Emperor BigFoot will give a dropbox on the ground for the whole party members who killed it.

Finally, 69 Dragon wishes you have many exciting experiences with this new Remake version of Emperor Alliance Arena.

Best regards,
69 Dragon Oath


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