Hi our friends,

According to requests of many players, due to the fact that Memory Ball takes too many spaces on your bag, we have made the Heaven Teleport to help in this case.
From this moment you no longer need to bring any Memory Ball or any Location Items because this Heaven Teleport can be accessed by clicking to its icon at Minimap.

 After opening, the Heaven Teleport Frame appears.

By default, there are 6 cities healer NPC spots are included. To locate your own spot, go to the location where you want to locate, then click Locate, then your spot will be added under the Custom Location category. Currently, system allows you to set maximum 90 spots, be split into 14 groups.
By default, these 6 cities spots can not be removed, beside you can remove your custom spots which were set by select corresponding spot then click Remove.
To teleport to the selected spot, you need to have at least 1 Usage times, this one can only be increased by using Heaven Teleport Scroll, each scroll gives you 12 Usage times. When you have enough Usage time, click on the button GO under the girl’s umbrella.

You will teleport to the target spot immediately right after clicking on the button GO. Your teammates nearby need to confirm to teleport together with you in 30s. After 30s if anyone hasn’t confirmed to teleport, the request will be canceled.

Note: Heaven Teleport Scrolls are sold at Token Shop with 2000Gift Tokens and will be easier to replace Memory Balls.
Wish you have the best time enjoying our game together!
Best regards,
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