Hi our friends,

To welcome the Summer of 2020, let’s enjoy Lucky Circle together with 69 Dragon.
Lucky Circle contains too many valuable items inside, all players can play and get them, details:

Lucky Circle

- Event content:

Time: June 1st - June 8th after daily maintenance
Note: You need to haveLucky Cherry to open the Lucky Circle or Renew list items inside the circle.

- How to get Lucky Needle and Lucky Cherry:

1. You can buy them (unlimit) from 69 Dragon Token Shop - Lucky Cherry (2000 Gift Tokens), Lucky Needle (5000 Gift Tokens).
2.  You can join the following events, complete them to get:
+ Dragon Tattoo event: Lucky Needle (1x per round)
+ Phoenix Tomb: Lucky Cherry and Lucky Needle (1x each item)

- Items inside Lucky Circle:

+ Voodoo Sea Liquid Bottle Lv.1 (bound)
+ Yuan Lin Herb (bound)
+ Fire spirit
+ Dragon Fountain Water
+ Heroic Achievement
+ Honor Card
+ Dragon Stone
+ Pneuma Stone (Lv 1, Lv 2)
+ Matra Blood Stone
+ Dragon Tatto
+ Dragon Flour (bound)
+ Mini - Garment of Ardor (7 day)
+ Mini - Shoulderpad of Ardor (7 day)
+ Mini - Necklace of Ardor (7 day)
+ Mini - Belt of Ardor (7 day)
+ Mini - Amulet of Ardor (7 day)
+ Mini - Ring of Ardor (7 day)
+ Artifact Spell Lv 3
+ Vip Crafts 69
+ Skill 86 Lv3
+ Blue Pneuma of Thunder (Lv 1)
+ Blue Pneuma of Fire (Lv 1)
+ Blue Pneuma of Poison (Lv 1)
+ Blue Pneuma of Ice (Lv 1)
+ Blue Pneuma of Sta (Lv 1)
+ Soul Stone - Yellow
- Note: All items inside Lucky Circle are unbound. Materials bought from Token Shop will be unbound, and materials picked up from events will be bound. After playing the Circle, all awards will be unbound no matter bound materials were used.

Wish you the best time enjoying this Lucky Circle together!
Best regards,
69 Dragon Oath


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