69Dragon releases Seashell Circle

Dear friends,

After a time, DO69 would like to inform all of you about the Seashell Circle Event.

After a time working and listening to the players, we have completed the Seashell Circle (SC) Feature and officially released for the 69DO3 community.

I: Update time: 06/15/2020 (after maintenance)

II: To participate in the Seashell Circle, players owning 2 items including Golden Seashell and Silver Seashell will have the opportunities to join and receive extremely rare items.

Shiver Seashell: activate the circle

Golden Seashell: change the interface and rewards

In addition, you can meet NPC Chuang Tu at Da Li (158,169) to exchange Silver Seashells for Golden Seashells with the ratio: 10 Silver Seashell + 500 Ivories = 1 Golden Seashell


III: Ways to own 2 items Golden Seashell and Silver Seashell:

1: You can buy Golden Seashells and Silver Seashells at Token Shop.

2: You can take Silver Seashells in daily-events like:

Phoenix Tomb, Malefic, Dragon Tattoo event, Shao Lin Library, Border Liao, Marvel.

3: You can take Silver Seashells from Emperor Arena Silver Chests.

IV: Playing rule Seashell Circle:

1: The circle will have 3 types to place a bet. The number of items received depends on how many Golden Seashells you have bet.

For example:

Players bet 1 Golden Seashells, 5 Golden Seashells, 10 Golden Seashells, it is corresponding to the number of items received: x1, x5, x10 times.

2: If players want to use star-up feature (take huge quantities of awards), can simply ignore to take the award of the last turn, and continue playing by clicking on Start button, there will be 2 cases:

-          If you pass again the same item of the last turn, then the star level will be increased by 1, maximum 5 stars.

-          If you pass to another item, then the star level will be reset to 1 with new item displayed.

Note: The more “*” you get, the more items you receive.




-          + If players do not want to use the star-up feature of items, click to Take Awardsafter turn, and after that, the star will be at 1 even you have passed same item in the next round.

-          + If players do not want to receive the items, you can redeem them and receive corresponding number of Golden Seashells by Clicking to “Take Seashells”.

3: VIP items include Ardors (Garment and Shoulderpad), Mini-Ardors, 5k Pet Boss Card, when you reach one of these items, can not use star-up feature, other hand you have to take award if it’s VIP item.


We wish you all good health, happy moments with your friends, and lots of luck when joining the event.

Signature: 69Dragon Oath!!!



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