Hi our friends,

We have been together for a long time, and there were many features which had been updated, but the more features, your pets seem weaker. So now we want to introduce to all of you, two features to help pets stronger.


Pet Equips are split into 3 types: Basic, Strength and Intelligence. Also there are corresponding 3 levels: 75, 85, 95 of Pet Equips. The higher level, the higher stats.

Pet Equip Basic

Pet Equip Set - 75 

Pet Equip Set - 85

Pet Equip Set - 95


To use Pet Equips, right-click on them and they will be automatically equipped for your pets. Also when you summon a new Pet, you need to activate the Pet Equips and Pet Spirit on it, so please click on the Start Button inside Pet Frame.

To own the Pet Equips, you need to have a corresponding number of Teeth of Precious Beast, then go to Su Zhou - Yumi Yun (355, 268) to exchange for Pet Equips Level 75, 85 and 95.


 To own the Teeth of Precious Beast, you need to have Pet Equips, then come to Su Zhou - Yumi Yun (355, 268) to refine Pet Equips into Teeth of Precious Beast. 

5x Teeth of Precious Beast can be used to exchange for Pet Equip Level 75

20x Teeth of Precious Beast can be used to exchange for Pet Equip Level 85

50x Teeth of Precious Beast can be used to exchange for Pet Equip Level 95


Pet Equip can be found at Malefic Event

Next, you can increase Star-level of your Pet Equips, the higher stars, the more attributes your Pet Equips have.

To star-up, requires 20x  Teeth of Precious Beast for each time, please take note that we have a success rate during this progress.




Beside Pet Equips, your pet can increase base stats (Str, Int, Sta, Wil, Dex) by using Pet Spirit Ball.

You can take Pet Spirit Ball from daily-events:  Malicious Toasts (Pet Island), Silver Chest (Pet Hill), Ancient Chess Soul (Chess event) and Lord of Treasure (Kroraina Treasure hunt event). Please take note that with Pet Spirit Ball Level 1 you can only level up your pet spirit from 1% to 10%. From 11% to 20% you need to use Pet Spirit Ball Level 2, similar to the next levels 30%, 40%, …, 100%.

And the exchange ratio of 1x Pet Spirit Ball Level 2 = 5x Pet Spirit Ball Level 1, … at Su Zhou - Snow Yun (355, 272).

Note: Pet Spirit only increases base stats of your Pets, does not work together with Pet Equips.


Finally, we wish you the best time enjoying this feature together.

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