69Dragon Oath would like to announce a new feature - Five Elements Stone to all of you. Five Element Stone is updated today - July, 20th, 2020 (after maintenance).

When you want to activate the Five Element Stone, please meet NPC Mr.Tsui at Phoenix Town (248, 219).

The Five Element Stone feature consists of two main items: Element Stone and Element Spirit.


Element Stone:

When activating the new feature, you can receive 5 Element Stones level 1 which are arranged  in a circular order: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth. If players want to level up Element stones, you must upgrade stones follow the oder. The materials required to upgrade stones are Five Element Piece and EXP.


Element Spirit:

When you proceed to strengthen Element Stone, you need to make Element Stones individual.


Above is a primary Element stone that has not been strengthened. After strengthening, you can randomly receive +% stats and -% stats, so you will need to do several times to be able to receive the most + +% bonus stats. Below is an image of an Element Stone.

With Metal Stones, Water Stones , and Fire Stones, you can choose to change attributes by clicking “Change Element”. But, for Earth Stones and Wood Stones, you will not be able to change the attributes because they are fixed.

Below is the list of drops and the drop rate:

Event Chess:

Mob: 40% Five Element Piece (Mixed)

Boss100% Five Element Piece (unbound)

            40% Ruby Flower Water (unbound)

Kro Treasure Event:

Mob: 40% Five Element Piece (Mixed)

Boss: 100% Five Element Piece (unbound)

              40% Ruby Flower Water (unbound)


All the items Five Element Piece and Ruby Flower Water are not added at the Circle.


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