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After a time working on, according to the request of players, we have made 2 new features. Details:

You need to come to NPC Floris Kung at Da Li (181,102) to open Kung-Fu Relics.

After opening the feature, you need to have Scene of Void Relic Pieces as material to Exchange for skills, those items you can find it at Event Misty Peak Lv. 75, 95 after killing boss Margaret Lee, and event Dragon Tattoo after opening chest.

Relic No. 1 and Relic No. 2 have one element type of skills, Relic No. 3 and Relic No. 4 have double element type of skills, you need to read it carefully before exchanging.

After studying the Relic, you need to level it up to be able to study skills, level up Relic requires Kung Fu Training Point. By default, after studying Relic, you can use its skill #1. To be able to study skill #2, your Relic must be level 50 or more, and after Relic reaches level 100, you can study skill #3. Kung Fu Training Point you can come to NPC and take it everyday freely 10,000 points, moreover you can use Gold + Exp to exchange also, with the rate: 10,000 Gold + 10 millions Exp = 50,000 Kung Fu Training Point. When your Relic reaches enough level to be able to study skills, you also need to make the success rate of studying new skill up to 100%. To do this, you need to have a number of Expectations, Expectations can be gained by killing bosses at Malefic Event with 300 Expectations per boss.

Open time: August 18th 2020 after maintenance.

The rule of skills in Kung-Fu Relics: The same kind of Relic (same No.) and all skills inside have the same cooldown when using any skill, for example, when you use skill #1, the skill #2 and skill #3 and also all other skills inside other same No. Relics will be in cooldown too. When using skill #2, you will also take the effect of skill #1 of same Relic, when using skill #3, you will also take the effects of skill #1 and skill #2. Skill #1 and skill #2 are ranged skills while skill #3 (global attack skill) only affects targets around yourself 5m.

A defensive feature together with Five Element Stone Feature. Everyday, you will automatically receive the mission of Martial Spirit Feature, and then after completing, you can come to NPC Sealed Luo at Phoenix Town (250,232) to return it and get awards.

You need to kill corresponding number of mobs/bosses at corresponding maps to complete the mission.

After returning the mission to NPC, you will be able to receive 3 Martial Spirit Points, which can be used to distribute into Martial Elements.

You need to have 1000 Gold Unbound +50,000,000 Exp for one Distribution.
Note: The Martial Spirit Points will be randomly added into one of Martial Elements.

If you don’t want to keep the points which had already been added to a Martial Element, you can takeMartial Spirit Memory Stone x20 + 5000 Gold unbound + 100,000,000 Exp to subtract it and turn it back into Martial Spirit Point.

Martial Spirit Memory Stone you can find it at Ferghana Hill, Taklamakan Desert, Ancient City Maze, Kunlun Land, Thunder Sea, after killing mobs with rate 20%

All Martial Elements has maximum level 150 

Open time: September 15th 2020 after maintenance.

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