69Dragon notification: The reward for 4vs4 and the extension for registration

Hi friends!

The new upcoming event with the  4 vs 4 team will excite the atmosphere at 69Dragon Oath in September.
Therefore, after all hardworking days of training and leveling up, together with  the iron wills, the professional fighting and the endless power, now this is the time for all heroes register for the match to mark their names and their reputation over 69 Dragon Oath. So please do not pass this special event and let all people admire you.

1. The planning date and time:
+ Registration: 05/09/202010/09/2020 (Server Time)
+ Player list announcement: 11/09/202012:00 PM of 12/09/2020 (Server Time)
+ The matching date and time: 2 time zones: 12:00 AM and 12:00 PM on 13/09/2020 (Server Time)
+ Zone: whole server of 69DO3

- The instruction how to register:
+ Team name
+ All account names
+ All ID of team members
+ All class names (not same classes for one team)

- The reward for 69D03 4vs4 PvP event is listed below

2. Register condition:
+ 1 team with 4 members.
+ 1 team with 4 members from different classes  (for ex: Lotus, Min, Shao, Pyro ). We will NOT accept the team with 2 members from the same class.
How to register and attending the match:
+ The team leader will send the list to the address:  [email protected]
+ The battle will be organised as direct knockout phase, then will select the winning team of the 2 time zones to continue to fight for the crown of the 69DO3 4 vs 4.
+ The date and time of the tournaments will be updated after the registration.

3. The rules:
- The battle will be done with the circle rounds
- All the teams must be followed GM orders
- Once the round time starts, if any team member is missing or absent, there will be NO DELAY. The team leader only has 2 options: continue the round without the missing members or if they give up, they will automatically lose the round.
- All team members must be responsible for their computer condition and internet connection during the tournament.
- Regardless of any technical issues arise during the tournament or any internet connection problems, all final results will be recorded by management team.

4. The rule for 4v4 PvP:

- Not allow to use any effect buffs
- Not allow to LEVEL UP character during the match
- Not allow to use any class buff spells and class drugs (if any)
- Not allow to use any other class buff except buff from team members
- Not allow to use any items to get 50% or more HP and MP buff
- Due to many pet skills that will affect the PVP 4:4 process between 2 teams, we have decided to prohibit all players from using pets in PVP 4:4. hope all players will cooperate
- Assassin is not allowed to use any hide skill more than 1 minute and not allowed to hide himself or whole team before and when entering the match.
- Pyro is not allowed to use revive skill "Substitution" in the match.
- One account is only allowed to be in ONE TEAM.
- In all cases, the decision is made by the management team is the FINAL decision:

Please understand that we would like to organise the event full of energy and enthusiasm for all of you.
So please fight with all hearts and bring the victory for your team.

We hope you all will support us to make the event happen smoothly until the end

Thank you for your cooperation!

Best regards,

69Dragon Oath


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