Hi all our friends,

To create a more bustling atmosphere for all of you and give you more interesting experiences, 69DO would like to hold the “Classes Competition Arena” every month at fixed date. Here is the details about the schedule and the rules of the tournament.

I: Methods of the tournament;
- Please meet NPC “Fei Liang” at the Phoenix Town (85,170) to register after the registration time be opened.
- Each class needs a minimum of 5 players to register. If the number of registrants is not enough, the system will cancel the tournament of the class.

1: Battle round;
- After registration, all the players inthe same class will be gathered in Class Competition Arena. After the event gets started you have 30 seconds to prepare in the safe area, after this time, you will be sent to the Arena where there is another 10s count down for you before the battle starts. The goal is to survive to be intop 4
The system will announce the character's names to go into the next rounds. The character who dies after revival will return to the Phoenix Town map.

2: The knockout round;
- This round requires 4 winners from the battle round.4 players will PK with each other the same rule as Battle round. The goal is to be in the top 2 last survivors, 2 others will be #Top3. The system will announce the character's names to continue entering the final round.

3: The final round;
- The final round has2 remaining characters. After fighting with each other, the player who wins will win the #Top1 position of that class, the other will be#Top2. the system will automatically announce the winner!

II: Rules of the “Class PK Tournament”;
1: We will lock the following skills of some classes in PK map:
- Lotus Order: Divine Vitality + Blessed Recovery;
- Shao Lin: Budha Blessing + Limit Break;
- Magician: Longevity Mark;
- Voodoo: Return to Flesh;
- Pyromancer: Substitution;
- Only with class Assassin, after every 10 seconds continuously, the system will activate the damage to all characters in the map, and all characters will lose their invisible state.

2: Please note that:
All the ardor effects are not activated in the Class Competition Arena.

III: Rewards;
If you reach top 1 of the class, you are given the following rewards:
1: The title of Top1 of your class;
2: Ardor (7 days x1; randomly opened, cannot be changed);
3: Level 95 Pet Equip Box (4 Stars) x1 (randomly opened, cannot be changed);
4: Pet soul stone level 5 x5;
5: Fashion: Cherry blossom Hit-waist Style x1;

IV: The schedule of the classes;
- Matches are opened at 18:00 (Server Time), according to the fixed schedule on days as shown below: 

Let’s join us! It is time to show everyone your strength and talent. Thank you for always supporting us and standing by us.
Best regards,
69DO Team!


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