Hi all of my friends!
We are really happy to inform you about the upcoming feature updated by us soon!
We would like to add more class’s competitive features.
When joining the “class’s PK tournament”, you can receive the following points:
Top 1 = 130 points;
Top 2 = 100 points;
Top 3 = 70 points;
• Players without ranking will receive 20 points;

To give all of you more exciting experiences, to make your characters stronger, we would like to introduce a new feature called MANTLE. Here are details about this special feature - Mantle:

I) Stats 
Mantle will be divided to 5 types with 5 different basic stats.

Level 1

Max Level

II) Upgrade Mantles
- When received, the mantle will be activated the 1st available hidden property (attack attribute);
- When upgraded to level 6, it will activate the2nd hidden property (neglect resistance);
- When upgrading tolevel 10, it will activate the 3rd hidden property (Maximum HP);
- When upgrading the mantle, you need to use Five Element Piece and a certain amount of gold.
The higher growth level, the higher hidden properties value

III) Duration of the Mantles;
The mantles have duration 30 days after received. After this time, the mantle will be removed.
IV) Ways to get the Mantles;

- In order to get mantles, players need to use points obtained from the “Class PK Tournament” + “Song- Liao Event”, the points to exchange for mantles correspond to the following levels:
- Please meet NPC “Fei Liang” at the Phoenix Town (85,170) to receive and upgrade your mantles.

Finally, 69DO would like to thank all of you for always supporting us. Wish you awesome days!
Best regards,
69DO Team


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