Hi all of my friends,

On the occasion of the upcoming Halloween Festival, Do69 would like to organize Halloween event, hopes to bring everyone happy moments after hours of stressful working and studying.

I) Time and content
1) Time: 31/10/2020 - 04/11/2020 (Server Time – after maintenance)
2) Event Content: During the event, you need to kill the bosses on the following maps to receive Halloween Pumpkin and Halloween candies
Halloween candies: Chess, TH (drop boss – not 100%)
Halloween Pumpkin: Malefic (all bosses), Marvel, Shao Lin, Dragon Tattoo, MP 75-95, BL (final boss), not 100%
- In addition, we also sell the above items in the token shop with the price is:
+ Halloween candies: 8,000 token;
+ Halloween Pumpkin: 25,000 token;

II) Your interesting rewards 
When using the items, you can receive many wonderful rewards:
- Halloween candies: Fire spirit (400), Honor card(200), Heroic Achievement(200); 
- Halloween Pumpkin: Yuan Lin Herb LV2 (50), Voodoo Sea Liquid Bottle LV2 (50), Dragon Fountain Water (200), Power Medicine (10), Pneuma Stone (10);

Note: All collected items are bound, and when opened they are unbound.

Finally, thank you so much for always standing by us and supporting us. Happy Halloween! Wish you a wonderful and great Halloween Festival! Have an awesome day too!

Best regards,
69DO Team


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