There are only a few days left before Christmas and New Year festivals come, the best moments of the year are coming nearly. 69DO would like to introduce to all of you our Christmas and New Year events that you can enjoy during the wonderful holidays.

I. Christmas Event
1. Time: from 24/12/2020 to 30/12/2020 (after maintenance)
2. Content and gameplay
2.1. Finding Christmas decorations
Through the events (Chess, TH, Malefic, Shaolin, Marvel ), you can get Christmas decorations (Christmas Card - Reindeer, Christmas Card - Cream Cake, Christmas Card - Merry Christmas, Christmas Card - Santa Clause, Snow ball, Decoration Paper, Santa Clause) like the following pictures:

2.2, Exchanging for rewards;
You have to bring the decorations to the Christmas tree at Phoenix Town (158,61), then you can receive randomly these special presents (Voodoo lv1 = 50, yuan = 50, Honor = 100, Heroic = 100, Fire Spirit = 100).

2.3, Buying the Christmas tree at the token shop;

2.4, Decorating the tree;
You can decorate the tree with the decorations: Snow ball, Decoration Paper, Santa Clause, thentake the Christmas Heart Bag from your tree (the tree disappears after 30s or after decorating).

Christmas Heat Bag: Fire Spirit = 300, Pneuma lv2 = 20, Dragon Fountain Water = 20, Power Medicine = 20, Ruby Flower Water = 20.

II, New Year Event
1, Time: From 31/12/2020 to 06/01/2021 (after maintenance)
2, Content and gameplay
2.1, getting Christmas Egg – Red;
Through the events: Chess, TH, Malefic, Shaolin, Marvel to get the eggs.

2.2, opening Christmas Egg – Red;
You can randomly receive these items after opening the eggs: Voodoo lv1 = 50, Honor = 100, Heroic = 100, Fire Spirit = 100, Exp Pill (10m Exp).

2.3, Buying the Christmas Egg – Pink;
Please go to the token shop to buy the Christmas Egg – Pink with the special price of 20k token.

You can randomly receive these items after opening the Christmas Egg – Pink: Voodoo lv2 = 50, Dragon Fountain Water = 100, Power Med 50, Pneuma lv2 =50, Ruby Flower = 50, Box Gems lv 6 unbound, Exp pill (50m Exp). 
Especially, when opening to the landmark, you will receive a corresponding gifts:

+ 100 Christmas Egg – Pink: Lv 95 pet set 4* 
+ 150 Christmas Egg – Pink: Pet boss 4k 
+ 200 Christmas Egg – Pink: [69Dragon] Legendary Armor

+ 300 Christmas Egg – Pink: [69 Dragon] Legendary Neck;

Above are our 2 special events as a spiritual gift for all of you. Thank you so much for joining and supporting us! Good luck and wish you a happy Christmas, an awesome New Year.

Best regards!
69DO Team