Heroic Order Card is a new item combination of Colored Jewel, extended attributes, passive elements. The primary attributes of the cards are determined by the Color Jewel. You can enchase different types of Jewel to open the appropriate attributes.

Today, 69DO would like to introduce to you the “Heroic Order Card”:

1, Getting “Heroic Order”

Please meet Mr. Lin at (281,80) Phoenix Town and use 200 Guild Points to exchange for cards.

2, Level of “Heroic Order”

- There are 2 kinds of Heroic Order – Offensive and Defensive.

-  Heroic Order is split into 10 levels. From level 1 to 5, it can activate the Four Colors Jewels: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow to increase powers. From level 5, it activates the passive effect skill. 

3, The levels of stars

-  The levels of stars are corresponding to the card’s levels.

-  The levels are divided into 10 levels of stars: use 5000 five elements + 2000 fire spirits to exchange for the cards and update stars.

-  You need to bring sufficient quantities to Mr. Lin to exchange for points (Eg: 1k fs = 1k points).

The number of stars corresponds to the number of cards to be used, for example level 1-2 requires 1 card for each type.

(The picture is the number of cards needed)

4, Heroic Order Extension Features

-  The card was exchanged with 100x Honor Cards, can be used together with Heroic Order Card – Dragon Stone, Heroic Order Card – Achievement, Heroic Order – Dragon Fountain to level up extension properties of Heroic Order at Phoenix Town – Mr. Lin (284, 81) (note: Each type needs 100 cards for exchanging).

-  When updating the extension properties needs corresponding cards.

-  Note: you also need 3 DT Stones to exchange for cards. 

5, The Passive Effect Skill

-       Automatically activates according to the smallest level of jewels.

6, Coloured Jewels

-  The Heroic Order Card consists of 1 - 4 enchasing holes.

-  Holes can enchase with Colored Jewel. Colored Jewel enchased on the same card cannot be the same.

-  Colored Jewel consists of 2 main parts: color and attribute. Different colors correspond to different types of attributes.

-  Colored Jewels enchased on Heroic Order do have the card’s attributes.

-   To get Colored Jewel. Please use 500 Guild Points to exchange.

-  Once we possess the Colored Jewel, we will enchase on the Heroic Order.


-  To level up Coloured Jewel, we need to use corresponding Crystal Pearl.

· To own Crystal Pearl = 20 DT.

“Heroic Order”


That is our 69DO’s Heroic Order feature. Hope that it will bring you more interests and happiness. Thank you so much for always supporting us!

Best regards,

69DO Team


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