To all our players,

It has been 1 year and 4 months being together since the Remake version had been released. Passed a year with too many memories, good, bad, happy, sad, … Everything you had been passed, together with our 69 Dragon Remake, we want to thank you all.

A new year 2021 has begun, and some countries have and are still waiting for Lunar New Year, includes our 69 Dragon. As the propose to help new players better start point of enjoying game, according to some players suggestion, we have prepared a New Player Giftpack Level 90 for all players (old and new) after today maintenance.

All players after level 90, can come to NPC Chuang Tu at Da Li (158, 169) and choose to take the giftpack.

The giftpack contains:

Dragon Tattoo – Level 1
Soul of Magic / Soul of Strength – Level 1 (depends on chosen type)
Locust Stone
[69 Dragon] Common sets - Necklace, Garment, Hat, Shoulderpad, Wristbands, Gloves, Belt, Shoes, 2x Rings, 2x Amulets (depends on chosen type, except Shoulerpad, Wristbands, Gloves will be randomly set between Str and Int)
Iron Fan / Palm-Leaf Fan (depends on chosen type)
- Each equip has 4 sockets and has already been added 4 slot Universal Gems – Level 6 corresponding to chosen type and element.
- All equips are bound after be unwrapped.

This giftpack is just to help you explore to the 69 Dragon World easier with new players, and also for the old players who want to test skills or something of other classes, or just simply take it for fun.
About the duedate of this giftpack event, it will be permanently.
Warning: This event is not a part of Lunar New Year event.

Best regards,
69 Dragon


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