Vietnamese Kings' Commemoration Day

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As Vietnamese people always show deep gratitude towards their origins and ancestors, every year, in the fond memory of the Hung Kings-also known as Hung King Temple Festival-is celebrated on the tenth day of the third Lunar month.

To honor the contributions of Hung Kings, Dragon Oath team open the event “Vietnamese Kings' Commemoration Day” to make the atmosphere excited and raise the memory of the Vietnamese to the Hung Kings.



You have to update new patch at here:

Time: From April 6, 2017 to April 9, 2017

Contents: During the event “Vietnamese Kings' Commemoration Day”, Players have to kill boss and join events to collect Soul Sphere.

  • Event: Q123 Su Zhou, Song Liao Frontier Area, Scripture Library, Chess Challenge, Shao Shi Shan, Misty Peaks.
  • Boss: At Werewolf Plain, Mt. Fire Rock, Grasslands, Pet Island

After collecting enough, you can come to NPC Duyet Le - Grand  Eunuch (225, 247)  at Su Zhou to exchange item of event:

  • Glutinous rice: 10 Soul Spheres
  • Chung Cake : 15 Soul Spheres
  • Nine-tusk elephant: 25 Soul Spheres
  • Nine-spur cock: 25 Soul Spheres
  • Nine-mane horse: 25 Soul Spheres
  • Silver tray : 30 Soul Spheres
  • Golden tray : 50 Soul Spheres

When you have enough item of event, You go to Hung King NPC (160,150) at Da li to receive the rewards.

Silver Possesty Tray: 1 Glutinous rice + 2 Chung Cake + 2 Nine-tusk elephants + 2 nine-spur cocks + 2 nine-mane horses + Silver tray

Golden Possesty Tray: 2 Glutinous rice + 4 Chung cake + 4 Nine-tusk elephants + 4 nine-spur cocks + 4 nine-mane horses + Golden tray


When you exchanged the rewards, you will have a chance to receive amazing awards here:

Silver Possesty Tray


Golden Possesty Tray


  • All rewards is bound
  • Rewards for event is random

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