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May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill, And may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!




To Celebrate the Christmas Day 12/24 is coming up, Dragon Oath Team would like to introduce the fascinating series of events entitled "Merry Christmas" as follows:


Condition: From the 85 level upwards

Content: 2 activities

Time: 0h 12/24/2017 – 24h 01/01/2018 UTC (server time)

Server: Shaolin


1. Christmas Present Unboxing

Christmas night is jubilantly coming to the Dragon Oath world, Santa Claus also brings a lot of attractive gifts and want to give to all players. But gifts are only for the guys are hard-working and kind.


For activity duration, You can go to the Christmas Tree at Luo Yang Arena to exchange attractive gifts: 100 Fire spirits and 1 Pneuma Stone (normal)  with other rare items.

Gifts are limited so each player can be changed up to 2 times/day.



Christmas Tree


2. Knock-out King of Penguin


The evil penguin “King of Penguin” has kidnapped Santa and robs many precious Christmas gift boxes, Santa Claus asks the players to party and destroy him, get back the Christmas gifts from this evil guy.


For activity duration, players join event “Christmas Present Unboxing” will get 1 Summon Card - Perfect Penguin”. It can be used at Map Wild Snowfield to recall boss King of Penguin. You guy have to party with the others, together fight back, if you win, you will receive lots of valuable gifts as: new fashion, pet, rare mount,...




How to receive

Summon card - Perfect Penguin

Go to Map Wild Snowfield, right click to recall Boss: King of Penguin

Join event: “Christmas Present Unboxing”




- After 24h 1/1/2018 UTC Players can not receive and use the Summon Card. You should use them ASAP before event ended..

- Christmas Tree at Luo Yang will disappear at 24h January 2nd, 2017. Please exchange gifts before this time. We do not support when you are not in time to exchange.


Charming Crane Dress


Cherry blossom Hit-waist Style


Old Briefness Style


Little Gun Boy




King of Penguin



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