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Do you know April 30th, Reunification Day in Vietnam, or Ngay Giai Phong, is a day of patriotic celebration for many Vietnamese people?

Aside from the political and military victory of Vietnam’s reunification, the Vietnamese people celebrate Reunification Day because of the development that occurred as a result of the South’s and North’s cooperation with each other. Also known as Liberation day, Reunification Day is officially recognized on 30 April each year.

In the activities of Event "Your Lie In April" & this publi holiday we have a short holiday, maybe you have still kept working. Let’s play our game in free time and take part in this event - “Liberation & Labor Day”

Banner Event Liberation & Labor Day

1. The important notes

This event is inspired from our VietNam National Symbol and Liberation Day Event. So we think it is easy to join and gets awards for your character.

Let’s see the regulations of event right now!



- All our gamer.
- You can join in individual or your team.


*Time of event

April 30th, 2018 -  May 2nd, 2018 UTC


- Your bag must have at least 10 blanks.

2. Contents of event

NPC Lady Xiao who know the most detailed contents of the event. Are you ready?

Let go to Luo Yang (435, 214) to listen to her talk about the event.

NPC Lady Xiao

Firstly, you must collect these materials to make Vietnam's National Flag by joining in the copy scenes:

These materials that you must collect.

Secondly, assemble those items by using Perfect Needle. Right click at Perfect Needle, you have made Vietnam's National Flag completely.


Make Vietnam’s National Flag completely.

Thirdly, take this flag and go to one of these nominated maps: Luo Yang, Grasslands, Mask Town.

If you enter Luo Yang: The boss won’t be appeared, you will receive the Lv1 Award (Gift is random).

The level 1 award at Luo Yang

If you enter the Grasslands and Mask Town: Boss will be appeared when you give this flag into the ground.

Boss is appeared in Grasslands, Mask Town.

If you are winner, you will be rewarded the Level 2, 3 Award (Gift is random).

Level 2 Award

Level 3 Award

You also receive the Vietnam's National Symbol if you are winner. But the rate is too low.


Vietnam's National Symbol.

You can exchange this symbol at NPC Lady Xiao (435, 214) to give one of these eggs. (Gift is random)

Hope you get many gifts!!

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