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We are happy to announce that the Event Your Lie In April will be published on 9:00 AM April 24, 2018 last to 11:59 PM May 2, 2018 UTC.  

Before enjoy new update please download patch update v3.75.0 - v3.75.1 at here:

- Link Google Drive:

- Link Mega:!LIYj3Dwb!bqvdDMpYRBak5redXBkIY7sJzNOaU0Gj1s6xTVfDVIw

This event includes 2 activites as:  

- Event Hung Kings Commemoration Day begins from 9:00 AM April 24 to 11:59 PM April 28. 2018 UTC  

- Event Liberation & Labor Day begins from 0:00 April 29 to 11:59 PM May 2, 2018 UTC

Besides preparing for 2 events, Dragon Oath also fixes some Bug, this is our changelogs click here

We are trying to rebuild the Dragon Oath system, so that it grows stronger, the Class System and Skill 86 System will be perfected gradually month by month, one month for one class. The Magic Vase feature will be researched and released in the following months. Next, the pet system will be corrected, re-opened in demo mode.

We promise to bring a new wind, make Dragon Oath become a top Tian Long Ba Bu server in the world not only in the private sector but also into the field of genuine.

Hope the changes of Dragon Oath will help your experience better.
Please send your comments about server to our fanpage & address [email protected]

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Dragon Oath team,


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