Dear Players,

Recently, We have received many complaints about game doesn’t working because Misahelp.dll was not found. In this update, we have included MisaHelp.dll file, it is not a trojan or virus. But many antivirus software program wrong in detecting it's a trojan/virus, we're so sorry for this.


To download new update version and running game successfully you must turn off all of your antivirus programs.

However, in some case turn off antivirus programs are very dangerous it makes your computer very easy attack by many virus and hacker. We don't recommend that way in some case instead you can follow below way to activate antivirus programs while playing the game without an error.


DO_antivirus copy.jpg


How to fix: add Game folder (69DO) into whitelist/trust list of antivirus programs.

We demonstrate with Windows Defender. Other programs you can use google for more information, we will support if you have any problems about it.


Step 1: Open Setting. Click on Update & security


Step 2: Choose Windows Defender. Click on Add an exclusion


Step 3: Click on Exclude a folder. Now, you choose the folder which contains Game file (69DO is default) then click OK.

Add Game Folder successfully! Let’s run game smoothly! Have fun in-game!


Dragon Oath Team,


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