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Adding sockets is a manipulation to help you engrave gems into your equipments, giving you more power.

Each item that you are wearing can only add in maximum 4 sockets corresponding with 4 gems. To add sockets into items, you must use suitable kind of adding sockets material depending on level of each item (best advice is to use material at the same level with your item to save gold).




How  and where to add sockets?

Go to NPC Jade Pong at Lou Yang (274, 321) or NPC Craftsmaan Kalb at Kroraina (279,198)

Jade Pong.pngAdd Socket.png


Craftsmaan Kalb 1.png


Click Add Socket line to start:

adding socket.png


-  Slot #1: put in the item need to be added socket.

-  Slot #2: required material.

- ---> Click Add

To find out the material for adding sockets, open Bonus Points Shop --> Gems --> Materials





Materials for adding sockets


Depending on level of your items to choose a suitable material. For example:


-  Item's level 1-20 choose +1 Arrow.



-  Item's level 1-70 choose +4 horn



You can add maximum 3 sockets to your items at Jade Pong and Craftsmaan kalb. To add the 4th socket, go to NPC Iron Cheng at Kroraina (220, 229)

Iron Cheng.pngIron Cheng 1.png


Click Add Max Socket ---> select 1st method: use +10 Arrow to add socket because the 2nd method has not been developed yet (no material in the Token Shop).


Diem Kim Chi Tien.png


Duc Lo 4.png


- Slot #1: Item need to be added sockets.

- Slot #2: Required material.

- Fee: 2000 gold.

- Click Add


Material for the 4th socket can be purchased from Token Shop --> Gems --> Gems In Lou Yang

Shop Duc lo 4.png


Diem Kim Chi Tien item.png


Next part is about engraving gems.


  1. Gems Synthesis

Gems synthesis is a function to upgrade gems to higher levels.






  1. Add sockets

adding socket 1.png

Put in the items that needs to be added socket and the materials to start adding sockets.


Here are material for adding sockets (sold on Bonus Points Shop)



Item after adding sockets

VK duc lo.png

Besides, to add the 4th socket in, you come to NPC Iron Cheng at Kroraina (219,228)

Iron Cheng.pngIron Cheng 1.png


Needed material for adding 4th socket:

Diem Kim Chi Tien item.png

Buy in the Token Shop


This is the guide to add 4th socket, engraving and removing gems can be done as we said above.

- Select ---> Add Max Socket

- Select Use +10 Arrow to add socket


Diem Kim Chi Tien.png

Duc Lo 4.png


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