Hello Zioners,

From the beginning of the Zion server until now, Dragon Oath team has always been able to understand the enthusiasm of your heroes and your family. Thanks to all of you who have been with Zion for the last 7 months.




We are so sorry to announce that server ZION will be shut down permanently at 11:00 PM April 05, 2017 UTC, because of these reasons:

  • CCU (Concurrent Connected User) is very low, only 3xx last over many months.
  • Resource for this server is not enough
  • Fee for renting server is very high
  • The majority of the people in Zion always complain that they’re too weak and usually compare with the drop rate in Shaolin.
  • ….


After all, the Turn-off news is not the end of the Zion Players, You guys will be compensated, below is the compensation for short:

  • Refund all user Tokens which was transferred to Zion (via the request form at the account management page, will be publish soon)
  • Compensation period: from April 5, 2017
  • Participants from Zion to Shaolin will be supported with special gift packages.


Please follow us to see new updates, we will publish full of compensation soon.


After all, we will back together again ;) see you guys soon in Shaolin with new events.


Dragon Oath Team,


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