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Thanks for the stories you have sent to Dragon Oath on these days. Thank you for the courage to be willing to share your daddy’s memories with us. A lot of meaningful posts, deepest.... but we can only choose the three lucky that have the best article and meaning in this event.


And now, it’s time for awarding the prize of Event Father’s Day by Dragon Oath team, Congratulations!!!!

1. The 1st prize belongs to Character: AnastasiA (3C33749A)

- Title: Best Papa Ever  


- Mount: Higher New Year Beast

"The Greatest Father"

Ever since i was little i remember my father always working hard. He worked long days and nights to make sure our whole family was provided for. I know he was tired, but he never showed it. He would smile and run in the yard with us or swim in the pool despite how truly exhausted he was. He was always so loving and cared so much for me and my sisters. My fondest memory of him was when i was about 7, my God Father had given me a ring with my birthstone on it. I wore the ring everyday; to bed, to the store, even to swim and play, and of course to school. One day i was playing in the yard and the ring slipped off my finger and fell in the grass….See more.  


2. The 2nd prize belongs to AzárZátch (3C339F0E)

- Title: I Love You Dad


- Mount: Normal New Year Beast

My father, on your birthday

Receive my love as a gift

I pray to the sky every morning

And I thank you forgiving life to me

Your eyes cried for me

Today they brought you happiness

But my eyes too cry for you

Because you are, father, by my side

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3. The 3rd prize belongs to Hoffin (3C33685A)

- Title: Like Father Like Son


- Mount: Lower New Year Beast

Well i learnt quite allot from my father, i believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren't trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom. Most of the time my father's ideology for teaching me are really tough, but that indeed is just for the sake of his own child...See more.

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