Dear Dragon Oathers,

Dragon Oath will be undergoing planned maintenace from 08:00 to 9:00 AM April 24th, 2018 UTC, you may resume playing. After planned maintainance You will see the following new contents updated (Changelog v3.75.0)

Download update at here: updating....

- Update Event “Your Lie In April”

+ Event Hung Kings Commemoration Day

+ Event Liberation & Labor Day

- Update Expiration day of Title

- Bug Fixes:

Skill Ten-swords Trap Fixed: Reduce to 4 swords instead of 10.

Title Fixed: fix all error tittles

Skill Ten-swords Trap Fixed: Murons are no more decelerated using this skill

Showing error notification

Aurigae Face Error: display another face

Interface Bug 12 Zodiac Card

Dragon Stone Error Fixed: Cannot use bound Dragon Stone to upgrade functions related to DT

Muron cannot exchange class fashion from Monster Album

Face error: Tauri cannot be displayed

There is no Emoticon for codes on and above "#300 - #336"

Malefic Error: No NPC for the exit


Thanks for your patience during this downtime.

Dragon Oath team,


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