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As you know, in addition to international holidays, each country has different holidays. In our country, there are a lot of celebrations, and April 30 every year is our Reunification Day. On this day, people in our country will fly the national flag and hold celebrations.


And now, Dragon Oath Team would like to notice  Day Off - Liberation & Labor Day  as follow:


Time: from April 30th, 2018 to the end of May 1st, 2018 UTC. Dragon Oath Team will start to support again on May 2nd, 2018 UTC.

During official holidays,

- Any requests about support on these days will not be approved.

- Technical & system department are still working.


Thanks for your always supporting us, Dragon Oath Team will try our best to fix bugs and update new features for this playground.


All this holiday, please enjoy the event Your Lie In April at here: http://69dragon.com/home/events-540-big-event-your-lie-in-april.shtml


This event includes 2 activites as:  

- Event Hung Kings Commemoration Day begins from 9:00 AM April 24 to 11:59 PM April 28. 2018 UTC  

- Event Liberation & Labor Day begins from 0:00 April 29 to 11:59 PM May 2, 2018 UTC

Besides preparing for 2 events, Dragon Oath also fixes some Bug, this is our changelogs click here


Dragon Oath team,


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