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Thanks for the stories you have sent to Dragon Oath on these days. Thank you for the courage to be willing to share your mother's memories with us. A lot of meaningful posts, deepest.... but we can only choose the three lucky that have the best article and meaning in this event.

And we are very pleased to announce that all the gamers send us theirs messages, will be receive a gift as one of 3 titles:

- I Love You Mom
- Best Mom Ever
- Mom Is No1


After maintenance the winners please go to NPC Fong Shiao (165, 165) to get the new titles.








*** Note:

- You only choose 1 of 3 and can not change your selection.

- The Title is valid for 3 months from the date of awarding, May 18 - Angust 18, 2018 UTC.


*** List:

Congratulations to 3 luckiest player who are winning a new pet and fashion for event Talk About Mom, specifically:

1. The 1st prize includes 1 pair of new pet Dan Dan Chick, 1 title, 1 new fashion: Lapis Dress belong to Character Name: Harpya (3C33AB83).

In a world full of technology which communication and the relationship between people has become something more 'digital' and superficial, people forget the true value of affection and personal contact, people are in the constant pursuit of happiness and for true love, but what is true love? Does it exist?

For those who think they have never felt true or pure love, maybe they are wrong. I knew what is true love when i was in the maternity, moments after I was born I opened my eyes and saw the love of my life, the love that I barely know to describe what it is, love in its simple form, in its greater meaning and unconditionality.  see more….

2. The 2nd prize includes 1 pair of new pet DarkMagenta Wolf, 1 title belong to Character Name: HàmoElaraby (3C339A81).

In the beginning, i hope god save my mom for ever because life without her is nothing. I feel sorry for those who had missed it’s mom. Mothers are everything in life. Life became impossible without her. I ask this people who still have mom to protect her and not to make her angry. Mothers hold a special place in our hearts. Mothers are the lovely and the greatest persons in the life. I love my mom as she is the one who born me. Always she take care about me. She stayed awake all the time all the time to make sure that iam okay. She got tired all the day for my comfort. She spent her age to grow me up. see more…


3. The 3rd prize includes 1 pair of new pet DarkMagenta Wolf, 1 title for the most like on the fanpage belong to Character Name xRhaegar  (3C3388AC).

Funny that we celebrate Mothers in one specific day of the year, no?! But we shouldn't. And you know why? 'Cause everyday is Mother's day. In this moment, I think I just want to say thank you, mom, for being patient with me while you used to teach me everything I know of today. The duty in educating a child is indisputably hard and being a mom is even more overwhelming. You, mom, woke up late at night so many times to take care of me. You felt distressed over my childish mistakes. I apologise for that. I've never had the intention of passing to you preoccupation and bad feelings, but even so you've never given up on me and for that I thank you. see more….

*** Note ***

All of the winners will receive awards after Update Maintenance.

After maintenance, go to Da Li NPC Fong Shiao (165,165) to get new Title.


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