Dear Heroes, 

Many events are taking place now and many giftcodes will come to you guys soon when events ended. And maybe you have a question in your mind: How to receive and active giftcode????? 

Don’t worry, Dragon Oath 69 will have an answer to you right now! 

Let’s follow the following steps: 

1. How to Receive Giftcode: 

You can receive giftcode by joining in events found on Fanpage

2. How to Activate Giftcode: 

Step 1: Login game, teleport to Dali (153, 171) NPC Du Dai Shuang --> select Input GIFTCODE 

Step 2: Enter GIFTCODE.

Click OK to get rewards. 


- Only 1 type of each giftcode can be activated per character. If you get many giftcodes for the same events, they will be useless. 

- In case you did not follow each steps, you will not be supported. Giftcode can be earned by joining fanpage event. 

- Please check and type your code carefully.

- If you enter wrong code, you will see Giftcode is invalid. Please check it and try again

- If you enter the used code, you will see Giftcode was used. Please try another one

- If you see Your character have used this type of code already. -->your character has used this kind of code before, so you can not use it anymore

Good luck to you! Let’s comment below this post or send message if you have any questions.

Have a nice day!

69 Dragon Team, 


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